Larkin Cypher

I have been doing artwork in some form or another for pretty much all of my parents gently placed a pencil in my hand when I was a toddler, and I've been at it ever since. I've lived in every corner of the US, and have exhibited on every continent except Antarctica (it's a rough scene to break into down there, penguins are an elitist lot). My hope is that I'll keep painting, drawing, sculpting, crocheting, and working with gemstones until I'm fertilizer. 


Artist statement -- Larkin creates from wildest dreams and cruelest anxieties. Inspiration smears across the emotional and intellectual spectrum, and no shade is off limits. Drawing heavily from the natural world, the void of nightmares, and the interpretation of the universal, he employs the techniques featured in surrealism, horror films, victorian photography and mythologies from across the globe. The search never ends. when there is nothing new under the sun, we must bravely storm the shadows to slake our thirst for the novel and terrible.


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