Krissy Whiski

I paint the spaces that exist between dreams, death and delusions. For me, moving colors around on the canvas to create visual imagery is both a therapeutic act of self-realization and a journey toward gaining perspective on what it means to be human. The inspiration for my concepts are a sort of visual symbolism distilled from dreams, emotions, moments, and artifacts that surround me. I often dig into unknowns, letting curiosity guide me.


My artwork has been described as surreal, dark, visionary, brightly colored and impressionistic, I call it bohemian surrealism, as it trends outside of the norms, not really fitting neatly into any particular category.


I've been drawing and painting since I was a child and knew I wanted to be an artist from as young as I can recall. I did not attend art school, and I am mostly self-taught. I work primarily with Heavy Body Acrylic paints, frequently using Nova neons and UV Reactive Glo-paints within my pallet. 


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