Kristen Penrod

The Power Beyond the Veil, 2021
3’1/2” Tall x 1’10” Wide


Photography by Torrico Photography

Statement: “The Power Beyond the Veil”

She has been hiding something extremely valuable for a very long time. 

With an eye of white, skin of black, She is a full colored multicultural Princess Warrior…

Her sacred beads dangle that have been collected over the years from faraway places. Other women warriors are housed above and stand ready for combat.

Ever wondered what is exactly “Beyond the Veil”?

This mysterious veil is a large headdress that she has worn since the beginning of time. It symbolizes different meanings to different people, but in THIS case it can only represent one thing – POWER!

It is hidden just “Beyond the Veil” and is not so obvious all the time, but it is always there, and in recent weeks it is more relevant than ever. I have noticed it make appearances not just in our country but all over the world.

The Power of women is always there and can easily be found just “Beyond the Veil”.

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