Annette Hassell

Imposter, 2021

Pastel pencil on pastelmat

11.5" x 9" inches, framed to 15" x 12"

$600 USD

Shipping: Artist will pay up to $25 USD, any cost over that will be paid by buyer for shipping in US only.

International shipping TBD

The word "veiled" to me means hidden, misleading or deceptive, though not necessarily in a malicious way. I found some old fashion magazines from the 1930's, and the image of the woman holding up a mask was on the cover of one of these old magazines-and that image struck me as a personification of the word.

I think that we as women have been conditioned to "present" ourselves in a certain way, and pretend to be who we aren't for at least a century now just to get along in life. Sometimes one needs to hide behind a veil for self preservation.

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Imposter_AnnetteHassell_pastel painting_new contemporary.jpeg